MACK Storage & Wisehart Capital, LLC FAQ

Wisehart Capital, LLC is excited to announce that on March 1, 2022; it purchased the storage units known as Mack Storage located at 236 Bower Road, Macomb, IL.

Over time you may see some changes to the signage, phone number and website, but for the time being most things will stay the same.

Q: Who do I call if I have a question or future emergency? 
A:  Please call our corporate office @ 217-357-5401 

Q:  Will I have to sign a new lease agreement?
A: Yes, we will be reaching out to each tenant and getting a new lease agreement signed during the month of March.

Q: How will I be able to pay for my storage unit?
A: You will be able to utilize our convenient payment methods by signing into your account through where you will be required to setup a new account.

Q:  Who will I make my March 2022 payment to?
A: You will be making your March 2022 payment to Wisehart Capital, LLC via the Mack Storage website. You will have to set up a new account online, because your credit/debit card information did not transfer over as part of the website change.

Q: What if I already paid my March rent to Mack Storage, LLC
A: The previous owners (Mack Storage, LLC) and Wisehart Capital, LLC are working together to ensure any payments that were made for March 2022 rent get applied to your account & transferred appropriately.

Q: What if I am currently behind on rents before March 1, 2022?
A: Please call Stacie Wisehart @ 217-357-5401 and we will work together with Mack Storage, LLC to ensure that the previous balance and current amount due is brought up to date.

Q: Will my storage unit rent increase?
A: As of today we are leaving rates unchanged, however we will be evaluating the situation as time prevails.